Tapio Jokinen

Mr. Tapio Jokinen is the president and CEO of Medixine. He is a medical doctor by training and has worked in the field of healthcare IT since 1984.He has also founded and managed a private health care provider and a diagnostic systems supplier. Dr. Jokinen is the founder and majority partner in Medixine.


Jukka Norokorpi

Jukka Norokorpi brings 35 years of experience from the IT industry. During his career he has held executive positions within Nokia, ICL and Teamware group, a subsidiary of Fujitsu.

Originally from Finland, Norokorpi worked also in Sweden during 1988-1991, then in UK during 1993-1997. He has worked with international business operations, built business ventures with new distribution channels, and has also worked with acquisitions and mergers.

Jukka Norokorpi has served as a Board Director for Nordic and US based companies and is currently Board Director at HiQ International AB, Predisys Inc and Frends Technology Ltd.


Olli Riikkala

Mr. Olli Riikkala is member of the board. His professional experience includes Senior Advisor, GE Healthcare Information Technologies 2004-2006, CEO, Europe, Middle East and Africa, GE Healthcare Information Technologies 2002-2004 and President and CEO, Instrumentarium Corporation 1997-2003.

Mr. Riikkala is currently Chairman of the Board of Helvar Merca Ltd, Oriola-kd Ltd and Palodex Group Ltd and board member of Instrumentarium Science Foundation.