Medixine connects patients and care providers. Our product, Medixine Suite™, is based on a powerful and versatile core that can be extended with a set of product modules. This enables our customers to choose the right combination of modules for achieving their goals in a cost-effective way.

Medixine Suite™ provides comprehensive monitoring and collaboration tools for all parties involved in the care process.

Patient Engagement Tools →

Patient Portal, Telehealth Monitoring, Remote Education and Coaching

  • Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Secure communication between patients and care providers
  • Effective prevention and population screening
  • Engage patients and families to participate in their own care

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Care Professional’s Tools →

Care Professionals Tools

Care Professional’s Tools provide health care professionals the means to

  • Access patients’ self-care data
  • Detect out-of-bounds patients
  • View population level reports
  • Communicate securely with their patients
  • Enhance collaboration between health care providers, patients and patients’ families

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Administrator’s Tools →

One of the features that really sets Medixine Suite™ apart from other vendors’ products is the endless ability to configure a solution and share data between different systems.

Users are provided with powerful tools to make the product work for them and look like them.

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It’s cloud-based, secure and globalized

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