One of the features that really sets Medixine Suite apart from other vendors’ products is the endless ability to configure your solution and share data between different systems. You are provided with powerful tools to make the product work for you and look like you.

Tools for Business Development Professionals

  • Manage locales, localized texts, unit systems, time zones and code sets
  • Create new observation data types and customize existing data types
  • Author questionnaires and forms, with support for client- and server-side scripting
  • Define coaching programs and personalized views for different patient groups
  • Enable configurable e-services for optimizing your care pathways
  • Run reports and author new reports to track usage, patient activity and effectiveness of care

Tools for System Administrators

  • Configure service-level settings
  • Import/export data between staging and production environments
  • Provision data access for partners and 3rd party applications
  • Define event notifications to connected systems
  • Set up scheduled jobs, such as reminders and notifications on missing data

Tools for Organization Managers

  • Manage person records, users, roles and care teams
  • Assign questionnaires, coaching programs, personalized content and notifications to individual patients or patient groups
  • Define organization-level settings, such as goals, limits and message templates

Tools for Systems Integrators

  • No more connectivity issues: Medixine Suite has been designed for connectivity and data sharing from the ground up.
  • Comprehensive, secure and well-documented APIs
  • Event subscription support
  • All features can be driven via Partner APIs, which allows creating customized user interfaces and apps, as well as deep integration and collaboration with advanced EHR systems

It's cloud-based, secure and globalized

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