Patient Portal, Telehealth Monitoring and Remote Education and Coaching allow people to communicate with their care providers more effectively and become more active in monitoring and quantifying their personal health and well-being, and the health of their family members.

Patient Portal

Secure – Mobile-friendly – Access anytime from anywhere



  • Personal Health Record – Rich and interactive PHR for activating people to improve their health and wellbeing
  • Tracking – Visual representation of measurements, scores and personal goals
  • Care Questionnaires – Screening, collection of medical history, pre-op assessment, evaluation of living habits, and more
  • Personalized Content – Dynamic content based on conditions, patient segment and personal interests
  • Audit Trail – Online audit logs that allow users to see who has accessed their personal data
  • Safe Messaging – Secure messaging between patients, family members and care teams
  • Notifications – Email, text message and voice call notifications and reminders to patients and family members
  • E-Services – Electronic forms, e-booking and other e-services
  • Mobile Apps – Mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices

Telehealth Monitoring

Analyze and react

  • Connections to popular telehealth gateways, such as Qualcomm Life 2Net and Apple Healthkit
  • Support of standard devices available in the market
  • Years of experience in implementing scalable end-to-end field-proven telehealth systems

Remote Education and Coaching


  • Create education and coaching programs and define rule-based triggers for publishing the information as scheduled messages
  • Define tailored programs for different populations or patient groups, such as men between the ages of 50 and 55, pregnant women, elderly people or people with specific chronic diseases
  • Support for email, text message and text-to-speech (IVR) messages
  • Scales from population level prevention and screening to supporting chronic disease care