icon-cloud Run Anywhere

  • You choose where to run your solution: in the cloud or in a local data center
  • You choose who runs your solution: you or your preferred technology partner

icon-mobile Use Any Client Device

  • Responsive, Ajax-based and customizable user interfaces
  • Support for all modern desktop and mobile browsers, as well as IE8
  • Support for mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Support for a wide range of self-monitoring devices
  • Support for 2-way text messaging and IVR

icon-cloud Connect and Share Information

  • Integrations to several EHR, CRM, IdP and other 3rd party systems
  • Comprehensive and secure REST and SOAP partner APIs
  • Automatic event notifications of new or updated data
  • Scheduled jobs for triggering data transfer and recurring events, such as reminders
  • Support for OAuth, OpenID and SAML standards for user authentication
  • Support for building an OAuth 2.0 -based application ecosystem
  • Connections to monitoring devices and telehealth device gateways

icon-globe Go Global

  • Global product used in several European countries and in the US
  • Online tools for adding new languages and customizing texts
  • Support for all character sets, time zones and locales
  • Support for any global (ICD-10, SNOMED, etc.), regional or proprietary code sets
  • Robust email, text message and voice call delivery and tracking globally

icon-cloud Analyze Your Data

  • Activate connections to external reporting and BI systems
  • Control how your reports are published and embedded
  • Control access to your reports

icon-cloud Configure and Customize Your Solution

  • Adjust to national and regional quirks in data models and care processes
  • Dynamic data model and online tools for managing your data model and code sets
  • Advanced tools for configuring and customizing application logic and user interfaces