Blood pressure monitoring Denmark

Largest telehealth project in Denmark, monitoring the blood pressure of 2.500 patients using wireless hubs.

Delivered by Systematic.


Taltioni Finland

Medixine Clinic was selected as the national PHR platform in Finland, run by the Taltioni co-operative.


Home Hospital UK

Earlier discharge from hospital with the support of an advanced home care and home monitoring service. Up to 2.500 patients during the first year of service.

Cost savings of over 20% for pneumonia patients.

Delivered by TBS GB.


Health Forecasting UK

Warning and advising COPD patients about adverse weather conditions. A national project with over 30 NHS primary care trusts and up to 40.000 patients per year.

Customers reported from 20% to 50% reduction in admissions to hospital.

Delivered by the UK MetOffice.


Diabetes Management India

A mobile disease management project with a leading hospital chain in India.

Proof of concept for using affordable smartphones as patient terminals.


Automatic coaching USA

In a project in Delaware Medixine provided the local Aetna Medicaid plan with SMS-based coaching for diabetes, pregnancy and well child clinics.

Compliance for HbA1c testing rose from 48% to 75%.

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