20 fold increase in videomeetings at Finnish student healthcare due to the pandemic


The Finnish national student healthcare organization (YTHS) has been using the Medixine Chat in its Self service since last fall. Chat is particularly well suited for the student population and it has mainly been used for general practice and oral health issues for a total of 4000-5000 per month.

YTHS was piloting the Medixine video solution last fall and developing its service based on customer feedback. Video is now in production and YTHS planned to expand it gradually this year as it prepared for doubling its customer base this fall to over 240.000 students.

After the Corona virus epidemic started in Finland students have been advised to use video meetings. The number of video sessions surged from the beginning of March to 300-400 per day.


The system has managed the load perfectly. We are very satisfied with the Medixine solution.”

Head of clinic, Päivi Metsäniemi, YTHS


“It is rewarding to see how our products concretely help our customers in this difficult situation”, says sales manager Hanna Iisalo from Medixine.


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