Staff’s summer trip to Porvoo

Medixine staff paddling by the Porvoo riverMedixine staff headed to Porvoo riverside in the beginning of June. The traditional recreational day didn’t come a day too early after a quite hectic spring spent mostly in remote-mode.

The afternoon started with kayaking lesson in the Porvoo river. Against all odds everyone managed to stay dry and avoid sunburn! 

Medixine staff paddling by the Porvoo river

After a good one-hour paddling beer tasted even better at a riverside summer terrace, followed by a tasteful menu at the Zum Biespel -restaurant in the heart of the Old Town. 

It was so good to see colleague’s faces in a real life instead of Teams window. Since the last get-together our team had also grown with new co-workers, and what could be better way to get to know each other that a little sports, beer & wine?