Medixine has launched a communication solution based on the Medixine Suite product to ease the work of healthcare professionals. The solution has been developed to meet current needs in remote patient care and telehealth.

Medixine Suite communication solution is a CE-approved, cloud-based and easy-to-use solution for communication and remote care. The SaaS model -based service enables fast deployment and does not require any separate software, applications or add-ons to be installed.


  • Proven and effective communication solution for telehealth needs

  • Based on the secure Medixine platform

  • Strong authentication

  • CE-approved medical device

  • Immediately ready for use

  • Ready, open APIs for any integration needs






Video appointments

  • Browser based implementation (WebRTC)

  • Comprehensive support for any terminal: iOS, Android, PC

  • Versatile tools for managing video visit times

  • Video is fully integrated to chat and attachments allowing for enclosures

  • Possibility to integrate with other appointment systems with Medixine open interfaces

  • Option between authenticated login or login by invite link 






  • Virtual waiting rooms and automatic queue management

  • Confidential messaging between authenticated users

  • Supports real-time enclosures such as pictures and documents: enables taking a picture with a mobile phone and attaching it directly to an ongoing conversation

  • Can be escalated to video



Secure messaging

  • An e-mail replacement for sending sensitive health information

  • Supports one-to-one and team messaging

  • Supports enclosures such as pictures and documents

  • Email and SMS notifications of incoming messages



Thanks to our flexible and configurable platform, we can also do customized installations for different needs. Open and comprehensive APIs enable integrations.

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