Medixine scholarship 2020

Medixine Ltd. wants to promote research in digital social and healthcare services and supporting systems as well as the Finnish expertise in the field.  Medixine awards an annual scholarship for … Continued

A new decade in connected care

As we are in a new decade of change globally, 2020 will be a reality check for long-pending national healthcare policies and regulatory reforms that must reinvigorate future strategies. It … Continued

Medixine appoints Lasse Rousi as CEO

Medixine Ltd appoints Lasse Rousi as CEO. Prior to joining Medixine, Rousi worked as director of digital healthcare solutions at CGI. Rousi will assume his position as CEO by November … Continued

More resources for Medixine in Germany

In response to a strong interest in Germany, Medixine’s partner, Kauko, has strengthened its resources. Kauko introduced code<n>ground that concentrates on industrial customers and provides additional resources for training and … Continued